Security Audit

Is it really secure?

[..] 100 percent of the web applications tested had some sort of vulnerability in general.**
Our security review should answer the question:
"How safe are my systems or products and how do I comply with the current standard?"

During our security review, we test the existing security concepts of your systems or products for suitability, functionality and relevance. In addition, security-related issues are identified, the degree of associated risk identified and recommendations for risk mitigation made.

*Depending on the scope **Source

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Why a security audit?

Identify possible attack vectors

In a security review, we identify possible attack vectors that give real attackers the ability to attack you.

Strengthen your business

With the knowledge gained from a security review, you are able to further secure your systems or products and strengthen them against attacks.

Get a risk analysis

It will give you a more realistic understanding of your company's risk factors and we provide expert assistance in resolving any detected security issues.

Steps of a Security Audit

  • 1. First Meeting
  • 2. Planning
  • 3. Execution
  • 4. Documentation
  • 5. Results Presentation

First of all, we will get to know you and your company in a personal conversation, either on site or by telephone. In order to get an idea of the required measures as well as your current state of IT security.

  • First Meeting
  • To get to know each other

During the planning phase, our team creates a tailor-made Security Audit plan. Furthermore, the methods to be used and the procedure are defined with all the participants. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have about the security audit and its procedure.

  • Planning
  • Setting methods

In the most important step of our security audit service, our experts will review the systems or applications set in the planning phase and attempt to identify any potential vulnerabilities.

  • Execution
  • Conducting the Security Audit by our experts

As part of the documentation, we will review the weaknesses that we encountered during execution and draw up a risk assessment and a proposal catalog. We may come to you in this step for further inquiries. Attached is also an exact documentation of all steps performed during the execution.

  • Documentation
  • Risk Assessment

As a final step, there is a detailed final report and, as desired, an additional personal meeting to present the results and to point out our suggestions for improvement. A revision audit to check whether the vulnerabilities found in the previous steps have been successfully completed, or a sensitization training of their employees can follow on request.

  • Results Presentation
  • Final Report

Let us check your

Questions about the topic?

We are happy to assist you during office hours from 9 am to 6 pm (business days) for questions regarding IT security, hacker attacks or our services.

Is it really secure?

How confident are you that all of your systems, products or applications are state-of-the-art? " [..] 100 percent of the web applications tested had some sort of vulnerability in general."

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