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Colombo Technology stands for the highest level of IT security.

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It is one of our daily tasks to check various systems for vulnerabilities.

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We are happy to advise you on every matter.


One of our standard tasks is the Penetration Test, colloquially called Pen-Test. A pen test is an authorized attack on a computer system with the aim of assessing the security of the system.

Security Audit

One of our daily tasks is to work with IT departments or developers to review and assess the security of systems, servers & infrastructure or apps, web pages & APIs.

IT Security Consulting

We advise companies on developing individual security concepts and, together with our partners, on implementing modern security solutions.


At our events, we try to sensitize individuals as well as companies and their employees to the subject of IT security.

Questions about the topic?

We are happy to assist you during office hours from 9 am to 6 pm (business days) for questions regarding IT security, hacker attacks or our services.

Is it really secure?

How confident are you that all of your systems, products or applications are state-of-the-art? " [..] 100 percent of the web applications tested had some sort of vulnerability in general."

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The initial telephone conversation or contact by e-mail and the preparation of a preliminary offer is completely free.

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For the entire time of the cooperation, we will provide a personal contact for your company.

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Act now in time

The cyber threat is rising: Do not act too late. Unfortunately, many companies do not recognize the priority of IT security until after a successful attack.

Efficient & Scalable

All of our services are efficient, regardless of the size of your business or contract, and can scale as needed with your business, budget or projects.

Fast & Competent

One of our main goals is to enable both a fast and competent project flow to be available to our clients with the high standards of Colombo Technology.


From our headquarters in southern Germany, we are in contact with experts and other companies in the field of IT security in order to best serve international projects.

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IT security is not only our job but our passion, and we also want to help your business prepare for hacker attacks and cyber threats of all kinds, as well as implement the necessary security measures.




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