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Cyber Security

IT security is not just our job but our passion, and we also want to help your business prepare for hacker attacks and cyber threats of all kinds, as well as implement the necessary security measures.

Colombo Technology, a technology company based in southern Germany, is committed to IT security with Colombo Technology Cyber Security, as it is our personal concern to create secure cyberspace through high standards.

We offer various services in the area of IT security such as security audits, penetration tests or individual IT security consultations as well as training courses and with Live Hacking also a presentation format for small and medium-sized businesses as well as enterprise businesses.

In addition, we are always available to all our customers with our IT security reviews and also as consultants. In addition, we strive to create grassroots awareness of IT security through lectures and training. Our vision is to create a better and safer future in which cybersecurity does not play a subordinate role but rather offers an opportunity for digitization. We would like to support and accompany all companies, whether StartUP, SMEs or Enterprise companies in this way.

Enterprise Customers
Tested Systems & Applications
Created Securty Concepts
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Our Mission

Building a safer tomorrow

IT security is not regulation, but an opportunity for digitization. We want to create a future in which the subject of IT security is a matter of course and not cumbersome for companies and individuals.

Supporting companies

We would like to give all companies no matter whether StartUP, SMB or enterprise businesses the possibility to get the best from the topic IT security for itself with our services.

New approaches

Through new approaches, we are breaking new ground in order to be able to offer the best possible, both as an employer and as a partner company. We are not a rusty company, but young & dynamic.